martedì 4 novembre 2008

Ganesha Games launches a small poetry competition...

I need a short fantasy poem ( the lyrics of a storyteller's song) to be used as the frontispiece of the SBH rpg "Tales of Blades and Heroes" to be published in 2009 (currently in playtest).

It should be in English, fitting on a 8,5 x 11 inches (letter-sized) single page, in rhyming verse. The poem should end with the words "Tales of Blades and Heroes". It should sound like sung by a storyteller in an inn or around a campfire on a battlefield.

The idea is to convey the various roles and types of heroes in a typical FRPG setting, the dangers, the idea of sticking together, dungeon delving, fighting shoulder to shoulder, using various skills, braving mortal danger -- you know what I'm talking about. A serious, epic, romantic approach will be preferred over a humorous one.

Deadline is 1st January 2009. The poem should be sent as email to or posted on the song of blades yahoo group

Winner receives credit, a free PDF copy of the rules and the original art of one of the plates used in the book (unframed but shipped to your door).

giovedì 2 ottobre 2008

Staplebound books price increase -order before Oct.28th to save...

Lulu, the main print-on-demand provider used by Ganesha Games, is changing the way they price their print books. Smaller books will become cheaper and large books (like our books which are all A4 size) will become more expensive.

I'll have to reformat the books to 8,5 x 11 and have them perfect-bound as the staplebound option now becomes more expensive. I think this has to do with the way they purchase paper (basically a staplebound A4 book is composed of A3 sheets folded in half with staples across the fold)

Having the books in 8,5 x 11 will also make it easier for me to find another source of print on demand should I decide to move my business off Lulu.

The coilbound option will be at least $2+ more expensive, so if you really want an A4 staplebound book or a coilbound book, I suggest you order it now from The new prices will be effective on October 28th. Remember that Lulu takes around a week to fulfill an order.

Ganesha's profit on the books will remain the same, barring minimal adjustments based on the euro/dollar exchange rates used by lulu. The new prices will reflect only different printing costs.

Thanks. Sorry for the hassle but we live in a ever-changing world.

mercoledì 10 settembre 2008

FREE HACK Issue One is available

The first issue of FREE HACK, a webzine focusing on Ganesha Games products, is available as a free download from

Soon it will be available also from

giovedì 4 settembre 2008

Ganesha Games to publish Free Hack ezine

Ganesha Games is putting together FREE HACK, a free pdf webzine about its games. The first issue will be available for download from on September 10th, 2008. The second issue should be available by December 10th.
First issue will focus almost entirely on Song of Blades and Heroes, with more than 20 pages of FAQs, variant rules and a scenario. Sneak peeks from upcoming products are included.

Miniature manufacturers, websites and shops can get a FREE advert on issue one by sending their A4 or half-page ad artwork to Advertising on future issues will be $5 per half page. Please send the artwork no later than September 8th.

giovedì 10 luglio 2008

Ramshackle produces Mutant Plant 28mm minis for MDRG

Ramshackle in the UK has just put on sale its first wave of mutant plants for MDRG! Frankly we are very happy -- they look great, the cream of the crop. More plants with the Humanoid trait are forthcoming. All of these are 28mm resin, can be purchased individually or you can get the whole- erm- bunch for £12. And do not miss the Lurker markers that will allow your tentacled poisonous cabbages to remain hidden until they can spring on their unsuspecting foes.

mercoledì 18 giugno 2008

See you at Origins 2008!

I'll be running a demo table of MDRG and its fantasy cousin Song of Blades and Heroes at Origins 2008 (Columbus, Ohio, last week of June) so if you attend make sure you visit the Song of Blades demo table in the miniatures hall... and please vote for SoBaH which is a nominee in the Best Miniature Rules category. Thanks!

sabato 3 maggio 2008

ERRATA: equipment rolls for Purity Squads

The numbers on p.5 are wrong. A Purity Squad of four characters gets (4x2)+2=10 equipment rolls. A purity squad of 8 characters gets (8x2)+4= 20 equipment rolls. The numbers on p. 5 are from a previous version of the rules. Heck, I have a math disability and I don't see numbers when I re-read a document... sorry.

A band of 3 humans and two humanoids would get (2x3)+ (1x2)= 8 equipment rolls.

Welcome to the Mutants and Death Ray Guns blog

Mutants and Death Ray Guns is a set of post-apocalypse, skirmish-level miniature rules based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes mechanics (2008 Origins nominee for Best Miniature Rules). MDRG is published by Ganesha Games. It can be purchased as a $8 pdf by sending a $8 Paypal payment to